Having great work is good and putting it all together to be viewed online is even better. Below are a few great designer that I found online and their work I admire. Please feel free and share the love :)

Jessica Fortner Illustration
Portfolio of Toronto-based illustrator Jessica Fortner.

Illustrator from Sao Paulo, Brazil working using digital tools, specially vector.
A freelance media designer from the Netherlands.

David Newton
Paper Raincoat was developed to offer current and potential clients a creative edge, and to give visitors an inside glance on how he create my artwork.

Alberto Cerriteño
Alberto Cerriteño is a Mexican illustrator & designer who has lived in America; Portland for nearly four years now.

SHOTOPOP is a devout team of visual zealots who pride themselves on conjuring the new, the unimagined and the fantastical.

Jon Contino
Jon resides in Brooklyn with his wife Erin where he works not only as a freelance illustrator, but also as Co-Founder and Creative Director of menswear brand CXXVI Clothing Company.

Charlie Terrell
Digital Paintings of Charlie Terrell.

 Andrée Wallin 
Andrée Wallin, concept artist from Sweden.

Caramelaw A.K.A Sheena Aw, is a mad motion graphic designer/video editor by day and a candyland superhero by night.